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The Presidio Blog / COVID-19

by Hannah Dragoo, on Apr 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM

If your school is returning — or has recently returned — to in-person education, you may be facing a large number of anxious parents. Indeed, many people are still confused and scared about …

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by Samantha Marquez, on Mar 25, 2021 4:30:00 PM

With the return to in-person classes imminent for schools across the nation, it is vital to begin publicizing the safety protocols that will be in place when students arrive. By …

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by Samantha Marquez, on Nov 10, 2020 9:57:55 AM

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning was seen as a last-resort option, but it has since become a vital investment to ensure students’ safety. With many students having to attend …

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by Samantha Marquez, on Oct 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM

In honor of World Mental Health Day this Saturday, October 10, the Presidio team is sharing some tips that will help you take care of your mental health during this unprecedented …

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by Samantha Marquez, on Sep 11, 2020 12:12:16 PM

Distance Learning poses numerous challenges, and Presidio is proud of all the incredible work that our partners in education are doing to make sure that their students are learning even …

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by Samantha Marquez, on Aug 25, 2020 9:42:18 AM

The transition to Distance Learning worries many parents, guardians, and caregivers. The best way to address their concerns is to communicate clearly and frequently what your approach is going to …

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by Samantha Marquez, on Jun 24, 2020 2:29:53 PM

Before the pandemic began, most local government agencies could communicate with constituents daily and in person, almost always through trusted surrogates: principals, police officers, teachers, firefighters, and front-office staff. For …

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