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5 min read

Mental Health Tips for Distance Learning

In honor of World Mental Health Day this Saturday, October 10, the Presidio team is sharing some tips that will help you take care of your mental...

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5 min read

Communicating Effectively with Students during Distance Learning

Distance Learning poses numerous challenges, and Presidio is proud of all the incredible work that our partners in education are doing to make sure...

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Teacher working on her laptop in classroom

6 min read

Communicating with Parents in the Age of Distance Learning

The transition to Distance Learning worries many parents, guardians, and caregivers. The best way to address their concerns is to communicate clearly...

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2 min read

Clarity in Crisis: Building trust when you need it most

Before the pandemic began, most local government agencies could communicate with constituents daily and in person, almost always through trusted...

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1 min read

Los Nietos School District Joins the Presidio Family

We are proud to announce that we’ve earned the trust of Los Nietos School District to provide communications, website management, and social media...

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